We focus on the individual - at the very heart of Zurich

Dr. med. dent. Christine Reimann Dental Practice

We focus on the individual - at the very heart of Zurich

Dr. med. dent. Christine Reimann Dental Practice

Dental Cosmetic dentistry and follow-up care

We enhance your smile in a way that looks natural. We will also advise you on the care of your corrected teeth so that they will stay looking beautiful for the rest of your life.

Dental prophylaxis for children and adults

We carry out check-up examinations, employ our own dental hygienist and give you tips on nutrition for healthy teeth.

Periodontitis - epidemic proportions

Gum inflammation can lead to serious consequences, from tooth loss to strokes and heart attacks. Our periodontology service can treat and advise you.

Range of treatments on offer


Dental treatments at our practice


We are constantly aware of the responsibility we bear towards our patients. This is why we begin by talking to patients to find out about their wishes and their problems, and then try to find the best possible solution for each individual.

As a dental surgeon with an advanced training certificate in general dental medicine, this practice strives to provide modern, prophylaxis-oriented dental medicine.

We base these efforts on tried-and-tested materials and technologies, and maintain our high standards through active advancement, curiosity and an enthusiasm for innovations.




After a detailed examination, we will be be happy to provide you with step-by-step advice on all the treatment concepts and the associated consequences.

The dental treatment services we offer comprise:

  • Dental prophylaxis and periodontal treatments (check up examinations, dental hygiene, nutritional guidelines):
    Our dental hygienist will clean your teeth gently but professionally. This will enable any problems with your teeth or gums to be recognised at an early stage and prevented.
  • Cosmetic dentistry incl. filling treatment using the latest techniques and the most up-to-date materials (veneers, porcelain, zircon inlays and composite fillings):
    We offer a broad range of treatment options to suit your requirements; these include veneers, porcelain or zircon inlays and composite fillings.
  • Bleaching (devitalised teeth in the practice and home bleaching) and dental jewellery
  • Crowns, bridges and prosthetics / Removable prosthetics (model casting, hybrid and total prosthetics): These include the replacement of lost teeth or tooth enamel.
  • Treatment for children:
    Children need to be treated with special sensitivity. Healthy milk teeth are an essential pre-condition for retention of the space for the permanent teeth. By carrying out regular check-ups for caries, recognising any misalignments early and providing information about nutrition, we aim to advise your children and help them achieve caries-free teeth.
  • Minor corrections of teeth in children and adults, including treatment with transparent braces:
    We work with an orthodontist to recognise and correct misalignments of the teeth in children and adults.
  • Root canal treatments:
    These are necessary if a tooth becomes inflamed, whether this is accompanied by pain or not, and whether the tooth is dead or alive. We treat the inner part of the tooth, allowing the tooth and the root to be retained.
  • Dental surgery:
    This term mainly covers the removal of wisdom teeth and minor procedures on the gumline.
  • Implants:
    This term is used for the replacement of a tooth by an artificial root; this is usually a titanium implant, which is screwed into the jawbone during a surgical operation. A replacement for the tooth can then be built upon this implant in cooperation with the technician.



Cost guidelines

We can provide cost orientation and a treatment plan by request, and for all the more major work.


We prepare our invoices for you or your insurance provider in detail, in accordance with the official tariff of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO).

Our tariffs :

For adults, private 1.2
Children/ Young people aged up to 16 and students receive 10 %
Social / Accident / Sickness insurance 1.0

Practical information

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